Autumn’s Apples and Caramel

I’ve noticed how I avoid apples as a snack for ev. Probably because I, myself, find them so boring. Or, probably, because they have become as staple a fruit as rice is a grain. They are always available. The thing is, apples are really delicious in season, and lately, we have been munching on the macintosh variety like they’re going out of season. I decided that our fruit bowl will be home to Autumn’s pomme only during the fall; that, ev could find apples just as interesting as summertime cherries if we enjoy them in their peak.

To welcome fall’s fruit, caramel apples have been in the back of my mind since the first days of autumn. I read this recipe on the Babyccino Blog and have made them twice now.  Even though ev prefers swiping the caramel drippings and piercing the apples with as many bamboo sticks that she can manage (we could do a porcupine apple craft ), I’d say they’re a hit!



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