Easy Spelt Flour Recipe: Spelt Pancakes

I am always looking for ways to use spelt flour easily. Spelt seems nutritious and is supposedly easier to digest than white flour.

This recipe for pancakes is so easy and so delicious; I have made them all week, even on school mornings! I had to read the recipe twice to believe no eggs are needed.  While I am just fine with eggs, egg-free has its benefits.

Hopefully, you find this recipe as wonderful as I have. Evelyn and Enea devour them!


Enea has a bag of Arrowhead Mills spelt flour somewhere in that adorable little cart at WholeFoods.



Upside-Down Bats

I love open-ended projects for children. It’s fun to see where their ideas will take them.

So, this year for our Halloween decorations, I pulled out some basic stencils, good-quality colored pencils and card stock.

See last year’s Halloween decorations here.

We started with a basic bat stencil. Then ev decided the bats should hang upside down, wings tucked.IMG_5431

I thought that was so much more interesting than my original vision of upright bats, wingspan spread across a string!IMG_5430


The books in the photo I checked out from our local library; I discovered the titles from this great Halloween booklist.

Back to School: Waste-Free Lunch with Kids Konserve.

imageThe lunchbox is not my favorite part of school. Thinking about food sitting in a smelly thermal bag with toxic icepacks and plastic containers that taste like dishwasher or yesterday’s lunch over a period of several hours until lunchtime makes my nose cringe. Not to mention,the amount of waste one little box can generate.

So, I feel much better when I find products like kids konserve and my pet peeves are put to ease.

I have mentioned this eco-friendly brand before here. My favorite thing about kids konserve is that some products are made from recycled materials (the sweat-free ice pack sleeve used to be a plastic water bottle!), and that ev and I can pack a completely waste-free lunch using the stainless steel containers, cloth napkins and food cozies.

Our favorite item this year is the new glass water bottle in a silicone sleeve. Those neon colors really pop!

Did I mention the ice packs are made out of a non-toxic gel. There is so much to love about these products!

It feels satisfying to support such an endeavor to keep lunch boxes clean, safe and out of the garbage pile.

Bocce: A Game For All!

Our thoughtful neighbor meandered over with a set of Bocce balls for us to borrow. She knew our grandparents were visiting from Italy.

Truthfully, I gave the game little interest until ev tugged me, pleading at how easy and fun is the game and how much I would love to play.

She was right! And so I will leave you with no details but to get your hands on a set and tug everyone into such fun!

p.s. I noticed this charming set at Imagine Childhood’s web shop.


ev and nonna play bocce

IMG_0029 IMG_0033 IMG_0034

My Favorite Newborn Advice.


1.5 weeks old

The six to eight week symbiotic period following birth is so precious. With all the changes involved, this period can feel so overwhelming. For me, I found a few insights that have kept me grounded and peaceful letting me experiencing these invaluable days to their fullest (most days anyway!)

“Delegate and don’t look” The midwife who assisted my birth, sagely offered these words as I prepared to go home. The time and patience necessary to bond with a new baby, to care for self and other children leave the concerns of household and work at the wayside. Have extra hands, be specific about needs, and let them work as they will.

Understanding the Human Being The Importance of the First Three Years of Life by Dr Silvana Quattrocchi Montanaro. This book is packed full of physical and psychological insight toward newborns and up to age three. The ideas that have most impacted how I feel toward my child:

  • The child has a need for another human to develop. We can be responsive without hyper- or hypo-responding. “Developing the right type of attachment during the symbiotic period paves the way for a natural detachment and the psychological birth happens.” “Only when a need is completely fulfilled is it overcome.”
  • Movement is one of the most important aspects of development in the first years of life.” “In prenatal life, the fetus is always active, using its body and limbs at will.” At birth, instead to swaddle and confine to small spaces, we can dress and provide spaces sufficient for movement. “The child tries to continue to move as it used to, but finds it impossible. All his motor skills vanish.” “A tragic aspect of the development of movement is that, generally, the more children are able to do, the more they are restricted in their freedom of activity. They go from crib to infant seat to baby carriage, high chair and play pen.” “The child is surrounded by an organized effort to restrain his development!”

“Onesies have crisscrossed shoulders for a reason” Did you know the shoulders of most infant clothing have folded flaps to make sliding down off the body easy rather than over the head? How did I never realize this! Thank you for sharing my friend, Keeley.

Thalasso Bain Bebe Watch this bathing technique by nurse Sonia Rochel as it speaks for itself. I can say, having approached the bath in this manner, doing with the child rather than to the child, has been pleasurable for baby and for myself.

Hand-me-downs are progressive. I am not sure I would have accepted this for my first-born, but practicality has taken over with my second-born. I am grateful for the infant seat and baby clothes from cousins, a like-new baby carrier from a friend and a stroller from another. It feels good to consume less and to give good use to perfectly good stuff.