Snack Markers: A Snack Time Idea.

I am a sucker for neat utensils,as long as they actually work and make sense to use anyway.

These bright snack markers from Vacu Vin, for example. I found them on a sale rack in my favorite tea shop and picked them up with ev’s snack and tea times in mind.

We use them whenever we have children over. I love them for toddlers as they must take care with the semi-sharp prongs and practice fine motor control with those sweet little hands.

This little friend has that down pat!

our little friend using a snack marker

our little friend using a snack marker


Autumn’s Apples and Caramel

I’ve noticed how I avoid apples as a snack for ev. Probably because I, myself, find them so boring. Or, probably, because they have become as staple a fruit as rice is a grain. They are always available. The thing is, apples are really delicious in season, and lately, we have been munching on the macintosh variety like they’re going out of season. I decided that our fruit bowl will be home to Autumn’s pomme only during the fall; that, ev could find apples just as interesting as summertime cherries if we enjoy them in their peak.

To welcome fall’s fruit, caramel apples have been in the back of my mind since the first days of autumn. I read this recipe on the Babyccino Blog and have made them twice now.  Even though ev prefers swiping the caramel drippings and piercing the apples with as many bamboo sticks that she can manage (we could do a porcupine apple craft ), I’d say they’re a hit!


Smooth it or lose it

Without reinventing the wheel, I’d like to submit smoothies to the endless brainstorm of snack ideas.

As healthy and easy as they are, smoothies had never made our snack time until this summer. While staring at my refrigerator shelves, home to a half-eaten yogurt from breakfast and some overripe nectarines, I set up the blender. I really hate to throw food away.  Blending fruits and yogurt is even a good way to make your own flavored yogurt without all the added sugar.  Accompanied by a fun glass and a bendable straw, ev slurped up the smoothie in seconds!

What I blended:

2 peeled ripe nectarines

1 cup of a mild, plain goat yogurt

A squeeze of lemon and a splash of water

A trickle of agave syrup

A few ice cubes

Of course, the combinations are endless. My mom always froze overripe bananas for a cold creamy base. My friend, Magda, likes to blend laban (a cultured milk product common to Middle Eastern fare) with frozen wild berries and vanilla bean. Refreshing!

Prosciutto & Melone: a summer snack from Italy

prosciutto wrapped melon bites

The summer melons are ripe, juicy and fragrant. I remember warm summer afternoons at my in-laws’ home in Rome and the taste of salty prosciutto followed by the sweetness of melon. It’s a classic combination in Italy and one I can rely on every summer there.

But what really made me think of it was the big fat “NO” in response to my melon snack suggestion. So, we gave the usual melon bites a bit of zest for a big fat “YES”!