Read Autumn, A Book for Young Children

While we boxed up our belongings for our move from Dubai, ev found the Christmas snowmen family and asked about winter. She remembered the stories Auntie Star, from cold New England, had told her about snow, hats, scarves and boots.  It was actually fall, but Dubai’s desert climate would never let you know it. So, I rummaged through our book stash yet found no binds to illustrate autumn for ev.  I recommended author Chris Demarest’s “Summer” book in a previous summer post. His “Autumn” book is equally charming, yet lacking the details ev enjoys, as she matures into a three-year-old.

Then, just today, I discovered a treasure at the library. The author/photographer is Ken Robbins, and his book is called “Autumn Leaves”. This beautiful primer on trees and their leaves (shown life-size) deserves a place in any small child’s autumn book list. Actually, I learned a few clues myself.  I was excited to discover a Linden tree whose leaves “are rather large and shaped like hearts” on the stroll we took just after our inspiring read (I’m pretty sure it was a Linden anyway).

the linden leaves we found and a little paint will make great leaf prints

I just wish we had known about Robbins pre-Halloween.  His book “pumpkins” looks fallish and perfectly spooky. I plan to check it out anyway; autumn isn’t over yet!

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