The School Lunchbox: Take the Sippy Cup Challenge!

I dare you to drink your water from the coolest plastic kids cup you can find in your kitchen cabinet. Do it for an entire day every time you are thirsty. Take the sippy cup challenge. Then, tell me these pioneers of food containers don’t rock!

KIDS KONSERVE We use the stainless steel containers. I don’t know how we managed without them. And I’m pretty sure I noticed this treasure on Pottery Barn Kids shelves.

EARTHLUST How inspiring is the story and how nice is the art on the bottles. How do you choose just one?

CROCODILE CREEK I love the bold, colorful prints on the water bottles. Wash with baking soda and hot water for fresh tasting water every day!

ev & pal toasting their steel

Our modern life demands quick and convenient, often compromising the normalities from a day when lunch hour was really an hour and nap was even a word. Unless you live in a part of the world where such blessings still exist, you, like myself, hope to finish breakfast at the table instead of the car, to eat from containers that don’t taste like yesterday’s lunch and to drink from water bottles that don’t taste like dishwasher. Thankfully, these alternatives take the edge off munching on the go.


3 thoughts on “The School Lunchbox: Take the Sippy Cup Challenge!

  1. Totally agree although half of my children’s cabinet’s content is plastic- i hate the taste of it. We are getting there.
    And i love the kids konserve containers you gave me!!! xxx

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