Easy Spelt Flour Recipe: Spelt Pancakes

I am always looking for ways to use spelt flour easily. Spelt seems nutritious and is supposedly easier to digest than white flour.

This recipe for pancakes is so easy and so delicious; I have made them all week, even on school mornings! I had to read the recipe twice to believe no eggs are needed.  While I am just fine with eggs, egg-free has its benefits.

Hopefully, you find this recipe as wonderful as I have. Evelyn and Enea devour them!


Enea has a bag of Arrowhead Mills spelt flour somewhere in that adorable little cart at WholeFoods.


2 thoughts on “Easy Spelt Flour Recipe: Spelt Pancakes

  1. Hi Danielle, This looks like a great recipe Brynna will enjoy. Thanks for sharing! ❌⭕️ Nathania

    On the Run Sent from my iPhone

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