Easy Spelt Flour Recipe: Spelt Pancakes

I am always looking for ways to use spelt flour easily. Spelt seems nutritious and is supposedly easier to digest than white flour.

This recipe for pancakes is so easy and so delicious; I have made them all week, even on school mornings! I had to read the recipe twice to believe no eggs are needed.  While I am just fine with eggs, egg-free has its benefits.

Hopefully, you find this recipe as wonderful as I have. Evelyn and Enea devour them!


Enea has a bag of Arrowhead Mills spelt flour somewhere in that adorable little cart at WholeFoods.


Upside-Down Bats

I love open-ended projects for children. It’s fun to see where their ideas will take them.

So, this year for our Halloween decorations, I pulled out some basic stencils, good-quality colored pencils and card stock.

See last year’s Halloween decorations here.

We started with a basic bat stencil. Then ev decided the bats should hang upside down, wings tucked.IMG_5431

I thought that was so much more interesting than my original vision of upright bats, wingspan spread across a string!IMG_5430


The books in the photo I checked out from our local library; I discovered the titles from this great Halloween booklist.

Bocce: A Game For All!

Our thoughtful neighbor meandered over with a set of Bocce balls for us to borrow. She knew our grandparents were visiting from Italy.

Truthfully, I gave the game little interest until ev tugged me, pleading at how easy and fun is the game and how much I would love to play.

She was right! And so I will leave you with no details but to get your hands on a set and tug everyone into such fun!

p.s. I noticed this charming set at Imagine Childhood’s web shop.


ev and nonna play bocce

IMG_0029 IMG_0033 IMG_0034

DIY Valentine Origami Pins

The Japanese teacher at ev’s kindergarten taught the children how to make origami hearts this week.

And we thought they would make the perfect Valentines to share with friends.

We decided to glue pins to the back of ours, but a piece of ribbon makes for a lovely Valentine necklace


gold is a special color for special people

I found this origami heart tutorial to be the same as the folding ev learned. We used 3″x3″ paper and glued the small folds on the back side to keep from pulling.

This origami heart bookmark would be sweet as well.

Happy San Valentine!

Handmade Birthday Present.

ev's birthday pinata

ev’s birthday pinata

How do you feel about handmade and DIY birthday gifts?

There’s something sweet and genuine about the awkwardly tied bow, the quirky illustrations, and the novice scrawl of child-wrapped gifts.

But what about the gift itself? In our life of easy consumerism and excessive stuff, spending time on a gift holds a value that cannot be purchased. Let’s face it, time is priceless.

I realized that when we took on my recent idea to make this moon piñata for a special birthday girl.  As I cut and glued, I thought, more than once, how easy it would be to run up the street to the mega bookstore and choose a wonderful book or art project like I normally do. Then I saw ev threading the bracelet from the neat jewelry kit her uncle and auntie had gifted for Christmas. Then I watched as she collected little treasures that she had not used and thought her friend might like. I appreciated the time we had together in meaningful work.  As I stuffed seven dollars into a little wallet for the seven-year-old to be, I thought about how much I had loved the piñata as a girl.

For the little boy turning five we started with a pouch of five dollar bills.  Then we added a super ball and wrapped that on top of the cash. We ended up with five layers of little trinkets just right for a boy’s pocket. I imagined how fun it would be to unwrap a gift only to find another and another and another and another!

We’ve only done this twice. I hope the children are as enchanted as I am. I hope the parents don’t mistake me for cheap!

I suppose if we ever book out our weekends to birthday parties, as so often seems to happen, we will make that run to the bookstore.

Would you make a birthday gift for another? Would your child like to receive gifts such as these?