Summer Tents.

evReaches set her cornerstone last summer in the heat of a desert with Sunned In.

Desert far behind, we face another summer, this time tropical.  But like all cycles, the same themes reappear each season and leave us asking what will this summer hold.

I find comfort in the tender needs of small children. Need for togetherness. Need for simplicity. Need for nature. Amongst tent camping in the back yard, sitting under tree shadows and lots of swimming, even simpler reminisces from my childhood set little sparks in my soul. Some of my favorite memories remain in the cozy shadows of the tents we constructed from our mother’s linens and the dining table chairs.

I made one for ev the other afternoon. She retreated under the fabric swoop throughout the day with books, Sam (her little dog) and a flashlight.

I love the idea of this teepee for a room’s corner.

adorable sundress by inthesandpit

Tents are nothing new. The idea tops the list every year, but have you tried one yet?


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