Snack Markers: A Snack Time Idea.

I am a sucker for neat utensils,as long as they actually work and make sense to use anyway.

These bright snack markers from Vacu Vin, for example. I found them on a sale rack in my favorite tea shop and picked them up with ev’s snack and tea times in mind.

We use them whenever we have children over. I love them for toddlers as they must take care with the semi-sharp prongs and practice fine motor control with those sweet little hands.

This little friend has that down pat!

our little friend using a snack marker

our little friend using a snack marker


The Star of the Season

We found our star fruit at a local gardener's market stall

Talk about a fun fruit for kids and all you have to do is slice! How beautiful is the color, and how refreshing and delicate is the flesh after fall’s apples! For holidays, star fruit season peaks at just the right time of year!

(Eat at room temperature, rather than cold, for a more aromatic taste.)