Upside-Down Bats

I love open-ended projects for children. It’s fun to see where their ideas will take them.

So, this year for our Halloween decorations, I pulled out some basic stencils, good-quality colored pencils and card stock.

See last year’s Halloween decorations here.

We started with a basic bat stencil. Then ev decided the bats should hang upside down, wings tucked.IMG_5431

I thought that was so much more interesting than my original vision of upright bats, wingspan spread across a string!IMG_5430


The books in the photo I checked out from our local library; I discovered the titles from this great Halloween booklist.

DIY Halloween With Children

decor 100% by children, save my eyeball

decor 100% by children, save my eyeball


Pumpkin Monster. Ev goes for creepy every time!

DIY suits me more than ever come Halloween.What a night for creepy decorations and outlandish costumes, driven by the child’s creativity and imagination.

Admittedly, I am the mom who avoids store-ready Halloween costumes. There’s something about the creativity and satisfaction of children when left, mostly to themselves, to come up with trick-or-treat night’s merriment.

After a rummage together through ev’s trunk and a compilation of costumes, she was smiling and proud to put together her costume telling me to close my eyes as she tied up the details.

p.s. If you must, do the pinterest perfect decor yourself. I did! Especially these spider webs

Hello Fall.

ImageEv jumped out of bed this morning and dashed out of the room to check if fall had arrived. Yesterday we declared summer’s last day as we waited autumn’s equinox. But, before she made it outside, I heard an exclamation of a yellow leaf in our house. I wondered how a leaf had made its way in and yellow at that. “Come see, mamma!”

I arrived only to be reminded of my orchid’s fate. What a fall welcome!

Happy Autumnal Equinox! We munched a crispy apple this morning on the way home from the supermarket and are already dreaming of spooky Halloween costumes.

The Halloween Costume: How We Chose.

When I first approached ev with Halloween and how she’d like to dress-up, she said something as random as “cup”. Confirming my guess, she didn’t remember last year’s Halloween.  After a few descriptions of jack-o-lanterns and trick-or-treating, she pleaded that she didn’t want to be a costume, that she is a girl!  After a few more conversations, we are now comfortable with dressing-up as a creature and still being a girl.

I love the idea of rummaging through a trunk of fabrics and random pieces to put together a costume. I imagine as ev grows and accumulates stuff, Halloween will be a creative, practical flurry of imagination. Sure, there is the pile of tutus for the ballerina/fairy/fairy princess, but I was hoping ev would give me some unique input to this year’s dress-up.

Sure enough, inspiration came from the busy as a bee page in one of her favorite books “Quick as a Cricket” by Audrey Wood. She is fixated on the antennae, legs, wings, stripes and all parts bee.

In the end, I found the bumble bee a close second to the fairy princess for uniqueness. But, hey, there’s a story behind!  And thank goblins for Etsy artists and designers who contributed to our future trunk of costumes!we ordered these puffs from a creator on Etsy