Jack O’ Lanterns

Jack o’ lantern Jack o’ lantern I love you

You don’t fly and you don’t say ‘boo’

You just sit all day, keeping goblins far away.

Carving jack o’ lanterns remains a favorite childhood memory. I always loved creating a face to carve a personality.

Ev decided a grin would light up our pumpkin this October, and I gave her the fantastic photographic book  pumpkins by Ken Robbins to help her choose. The last page in the book depicts several different ones.

I took a sequence of photos during the step-by-step process. I will print them and place them out-of-order in a basket as an activity for a chilly and spooky night under the glow of our jack o’ lantern.

slimy seeds!

I think a seed roasting sequence is in order too!


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