How Ezra Jack Keats Captivated a Pack of Preschoolers.

I’d like to think my narration catchy or my voice memorizing, yet I’m pretty convinced the writer takes the cake for this story time.

Goggles! by Caldecott author Ezra Jack Keats held the restlessness of twenty-two three to five-year-old children suspended for a glorious few minutes today when a thunderstorm interrupted the play yard.

After all, what child could resist a tale of clever craft by the likes of Archie and Peter, young as themselves, up against the “big boys”?

This tale will remain a trusty weapon tool in my teacher cache, and you just might find a place on your own child’s bookshelf too.

Be sure to practice your narration beforehand. Don’t forget to whisper when Peter whispers and crouch low in the hideout after running from the big boys!


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