“Papa, Do You Love Me?” by Barbara M. Joose

On our last trip to the library for the summer, the book’s spine “Papa, Do You Love Me?” caught my eye and I checked it out.


As I read the story with ev, I was moved by the surety of the papa toward his son and the raw essence of a life in nature that feels buried in our own world of excess and fast pace.

The universal truth of love shines through, regardless of stereotypes and prejudices that influence our impressions of cultures and people different from our own.

Ev asked why the man wears jewelry.

She learned a man as masculine as a Maasai warrior dresses differently from her own papa

and how the harsh realities of the Serengeti require weapons like spear and shield to keep lions at bay.

The glossary at the end of the book describes terms like “calabash” and “warrior” as we read in the story.



I imagine how fun for little boys and girls to design shields and spears and fight away imaginary lions!


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