ABCs of: The School Lunchbox

Since I do have to prepare one everyday, my goal is to minimize my effort and maximize lunch success (eaten). Some thoughts as I make the lunchbox:

1. Put yourself in ev’s shoes. If she has snack after a hot and sweaty romp on the playground, what would she enjoy most? Juicy melon bites. How about after a cold romp on the playground? Grapes and cheese bites. What does she enjoy eating most at home? Pasta!

2. Choose seasonal/regional over variety (when possible).  To eat seasonal foods IS to be varied. Where did all the pressure come from anyway to have a multi-colored, multi-ethnic DAILY-changing menu.  How do summer nectarines and peaches from Chile make sense when we have winter citrus and star fruits in Florida?   Each season offers a nice array of color, and, somewhere along the way, I heard a renowned doctor state that consistency in food is a good thing.  Did I mention that ev brought fusilli pasta EVERY day this week to school!

3. Neat and Trim.  Just the right amount in just the right size for ev’s little hands and mouth seems to go down better.  The stainless steel minis by KidsKonserve are perfect for small things like olives, cheese bites or whatever little munchies yours prefer.

Small veggie sticks become crunch in no time!


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