Stuffs For The Stocking

My mom had six stockings to stuff.  She was a very intentful giver, always chosing carefully each gift, without tossing a bunch of junkie (mom’s adjective for toys that didn’t make sense) things our way. Maybe that’s why the stocking ruled my Christmas morning!

As I think about stuffing ev’s little stocking, quality over quantity will be the guide. A few intentful choices to a bunch of random fillers, likely to find their way behind the sofa or the trash by week’s end, will be the rule.

Stockings are hanging on our tree this year!

Here are my favorite stuffers this year:

  • Automoblox Minis– Every little boy deserves these cars. I think ev will like them too (there IS a pink one). For my UAE friends, I noticed this cool car at Kidz Inc and the fabulous online children’s shop SandyPants.
  • Priti Nail Polish– To my chagrin, ev is fascinated with nail polish. She will ask my poor sister, Auntie Brute, to polish, remove and polish again until she has explored the whole line of colors in her room. I just can’t get past the smell of the stuff. When she got remover in her mouth, I couldn’t take anymore and banned nail polish until Christmas; that’s when she’ll find this alternative in her stocking.
  • Wee Gallery Tattoos–  Perfectly cute tattoos to satisfy that urge to ink their skin!
  • Notepads or Coloring Books–  These are another treasure from Wee Gallery for a little artist in the family.
  • Cutlery– A friend gifted us a three-piece child-sized cutlery set from Pottery Barn Kids, one of the best gifts I ever got. I just love everything real and rightly scaled for small hands.

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