The Halloween Costume: How We Chose.

When I first approached ev with Halloween and how she’d like to dress-up, she said something as random as “cup”. Confirming my guess, she didn’t remember last year’s Halloween.  After a few descriptions of jack-o-lanterns and trick-or-treating, she pleaded that she didn’t want to be a costume, that she is a girl!  After a few more conversations, we are now comfortable with dressing-up as a creature and still being a girl.

I love the idea of rummaging through a trunk of fabrics and random pieces to put together a costume. I imagine as ev grows and accumulates stuff, Halloween will be a creative, practical flurry of imagination. Sure, there is the pile of tutus for the ballerina/fairy/fairy princess, but I was hoping ev would give me some unique input to this year’s dress-up.

Sure enough, inspiration came from the busy as a bee page in one of her favorite books “Quick as a Cricket” by Audrey Wood. She is fixated on the antennae, legs, wings, stripes and all parts bee.

In the end, I found the bumble bee a close second to the fairy princess for uniqueness. But, hey, there’s a story behind!  And thank goblins for Etsy artists and designers who contributed to our future trunk of costumes!we ordered these puffs from a creator on Etsy


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