Borrow, Borrow! Swap, Swap! A British children’s author.

As Sash left our house wearing ev’s tutu, ev decided she does not like borrowing and next time we need to tell Sasha’s mama “no borrowing”.

Naturally, she changed her mind when Sasha’s mom gave us some books to borrow.  My friend sent us home with a few books by the British author Julia Donaldson.  I remembered the popular author of the Gruffalo books ev received on her second birthday from her good friend Lucy.

We are enjoying “Rosie’s Hat” and “A Squash and a Squeeze”.  Donaldson’s play on verse sounds lyrical and fun, “A fisherman has caught the hat. BOTHER, BOTHER! DRAT, DRAT!”  And I am building my basic American English vocabulary with words like “grouse” (a synonym for complain).

Wearing a hat while reading a British book just goes together.

I think our next Julia Donaldson book will be “ Follow the Swallow“.


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