Yes Please or No Thank You?

Lately, I’ve become conscious of how much we grown-ups nag young children about manners. It could be because I catch myself harassing little ev. What do you say? Sweetheart the woman is talking to you. How do you ask? What do you say? Did you say goodbye to everyone? It’s beginning to nag ME

Young children are still learning how to pronounce all the consonants and they are still building their vocabulary. Could it be that they don’t always know or remember what to say. 

I got some great inspiration from my good friend and Tuesday neighbor (we always manage to get our two-year olds together on Tuesdays).

ev & sash

It was snack time on one such Tuesday and Madina asked her daughter if she would like some melon: would you like some melon, Sash, yes please or no thank you? How perfect is that choice. It’s a cue in etiquette without the nag. It’s a setup for success in communication. No interruption was needed to ask the famous what do you say. No time was wasted withholding snack until the yes please was given. Sasha responded within her choice and happily went on her way, snack in hand. Everybody was happy.

Now we are offering manner choices at our house and I am hearing a lot more thank you’s and even some mixed-up no please’s!

Thanks Madina, wink.


3 thoughts on “Yes Please or No Thank You?

  1. I am going to try this technique on my 14 and 10 year old daughters.
    I think it will work for them too! The cookies are beautiful by the way!

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