Interactive Books (& Apps) For Toddlers.

In the savvy world of apps, books remain an analog means to enrich language, share a laugh, turn a page and smell shelf life.

Actually, to compare the two feels unjustified. Both serve a purpose, each with its own sensory experience and potentials. For some thoughtful insight (and some educational apps recommendations) on the ipad for preschoolers check out this post.

That said, here’s to the fundamental frequency of a parent’s voice murmuring a bedtime poem and the comfort of mom’s laugh in answer to “who’s hiding?”.

Here are our favorite books to engage, finger-point, guess and search! What are yours?

  • Who’s Hiding by Satoru Onishi. This children’s book author from Japan takes the cake on interactive binds for toddlers. How fun is it to find who’s backwards or who’s crying!
  • Colors by Eric Carle. Choose the color and find the object whose color matches in this split-page hardback. Great way to get them turning the pages in hunt of matches
  • Bus Stops by Taro Gomi. Another work of genius by Gomi provokes the young reader to find objects in a scene. I find the illustrations fresh and modern.
  • Follow the Line through the house by Laura Ljungkvist. ev loves to find the object that does not belong in each scene (like the apple in the toolbox) which sets her giggling every time.

we found most of these books on thriftbooks with free shipping in the USA.


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