The Popsicle: Summer’s Staple

our fruit filled rocket molds

How many childhood memories of licking dripping popsicles out on the front step I can remember! The juicy ones mom made with colorful-topped molds. My good friend, Stefy, invited us over to make some the other afternoon. Our daughters have just 3 days between them and we love getting them together as much as we like to get together ourselves. The chatting, dressing-up and bossing around is hysterical.

Here’s what my friend put together for our make-your-own popsicles:

  • fruits well-washed and dried: raspberries, strawberries, blueberries and nectarines (about a pint of each). Stef uses one of those spinning bowls to dry the produce which works really well
  • sugar syrup by dissolving 150g sugar in gently boiling, 200ml water
  • blend each fruit separately with two small ladles of syrup or to desired taste
  • pour into the molds and freeze

Of course the kids enjoyed washing the fruits, pushing the blender buttons and pouring the purees into the molds from a small pitcher. I imagine there to be endless combinations for this summer goodie like the recipe for papaya popsicles,which sounds incredibly refreshing and will be my next attempt at the popsicle, an absolute summer necessity! Thanks Stef!


2 thoughts on “The Popsicle: Summer’s Staple

  1. Sounds interesting, probably would want to opt out of the sugar… but then again plain old juice has a lot as well. How did they taste? We have the old molds but saw the newer ones at TJ Max the very day you posted this. Very cool!

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